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– the Danish association of occupational health an safety consultants

The Danish Association of Occupational Health and Safety Consultants (hereafter the Association) is the trade association for all occupational health and safety professionals. That is, authorised occupational health and safety professionals, other occupational health and safety consultants, and internal divisions engaged in occupational health and safety.

The Association was founded on November 29th 1993 in Horsens, Denmark, and called the Association of Occupational Health. In 2006, it changed its name into the Danish Association of Occupational Health and Safety Consultants as a consequence of the phasing out of the public occupational health services. Today, the Association offers its members:

  • Information: The Association sends out newsletters and organises meetings for the members.
  • Influence: The Association works to ensure the best conditions possible within the field of OSH. This is done through influencing the authorities, politicians, organisations, and institutions.
  • Network: A professional network and cooperation with research as well as educational institutions.
  • Education and Professional Development: Relevant courses are offered at a discount to members.
  • Publications: Free copies of the Association’s publications.
  • A discount on the annual OSH Conference.


The Association’s mission is to:
  • Gather OSH organisations and look after their mutual interests
  • Develop and strengthen the quality within the field of OSH consulting
  • Assist members and offer advise in regards to their company and its activities
  • Develop and promote a shared ethical framework for OSH consulting
  • Be the link between OSH organisations and relevant interest groups, authorities, and professional OSH research and educational institutions


The Association has established a set of ethical guidelines as well as an ethical committee whose purpose is to turn members’ attention towards ethical issues concerning OSH consulting. Furthermore, the committee is to make sure that the Association’s values are up to date.

OSH consulting must meet two needs:

  • the individual needs of the companies
  • society’s need for the Working Environment Act to be put into practice

The Association seeks to ensure that these needs do not conflict. At the same time, the Association wants to improve the opportunities for OSH organisations to practice good and sensible consulting.

Influencing the political process in regard to the Working Environment Act is significant and done through the positive contacts the Association has developed over the years to OSH politicians, authorities, and organisations.